About the Program

Catoosa Online Academy

Who We Are

The Catoosa Online Academy is an extension of Catoosa County's Middle and High schools. Diplomas will be granted by the high school your child would attend. All diploma recipients must meet all state requirements established by the Georgia Department of Education. The COA curriculum is a blending of the APEX online curriculum, Edgenuity online curriculum, and Catoosa County instructor's resources. Students interested in attending the Catoosa Online Academy should contact their home school.

Benefits of the Program

  • Flexibility - all courses are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • A program designed around the student learning tools of today
  • Highly qualified certified teachers available to assist students in a variety of environments using technology

Who Would Benefit from Attending the Catoosa Online Academy?

  • Students looking for a high quality, technology based alternative to their current learning environment
  • Students seeking flexibility in their schedule
  • Previously home schooled or private school students seeking to return to Catoosa County Schools seeking an academically rigorous, accredited high school education.

Online learning provides an engaging and effective means to comprehend and achieve mastery of course content and earn credits toward graduation. It also builds computer technology and higher order thinking skills that are critical for success in today's digital age. However, online learning is not for everyone; it requires the ability to work independently and the discipline to stay on track. While online learning lets students set their own schedule, students must still progress at a pace that enables them to meet assignment and test deadlines and complete coursework within the semester.

Students who have a high probability of success in an online learning environment generally display the following characteristics:

  1. Self-motivated and exhibits characteristics of maturity
  2. Possess reading, writing, and communications skills at or above grade level
  3. Willing to ask the teacher for help
  4. Exhibits organizational and time management skills
  5. Comfortable with the technology required by the course
  6. Expectations of online learning courses are realistic
  7. Ability to learn independently
  8. Strong personal commitment

As a student considering whether to take online courses, CCPS asks that students consider each of these characteristics. If students do meet the majority of them, it may be best for them to take a different type of course. CCPS offers a wide variety of course options to meet student needs.

The online environment enables students to learn at their own pace, relieving the stress of feeling rushed and pressured. Independency should provide enjoyment in the learning process.

Who We Serve

CCPS desires to provide our students with a wide array of choices in their educational journey. The main focus of the Catoosa Online Academy is to provide an alternate environment to students who cannot, or choose not to attend the traditional high school but still want to earn a Georgia high school diploma. Some students who could benefit from our program are those who:

  • Do not feel challenged in their current educational environment and want to accelerate their academic program
  • Want a different learning environment-feel socially isolated, are uncomfortable in crowds or in the traditional classroom, or prefer to learn independently
  • Have a medical or physical condition
  • Need to work during the day and complete coursework at night
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